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  • Off-axis guider
  • Off-axis guider
  • Off-axis guider
  • Off-axis guider
Off-axis guiderOff-axis guiderOff-axis guiderOff-axis guider

Off-axis guider

  • Product ID:1024247
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Shooting Angle:130
  • Description: off-axis guider

1.   Off axis guider with 10mm optical length  ( we also can do 9MM , but we need custom it ,and also need large quantity if do the  9 mm )

2.   Large free aperture  2 "     ( we also can do 3 "  )

3.   Telescope side : M48*0.75

4.   Camera side : T2 ( M42*0.75 ) /  M48*0.75

5.   Adapter rotatable by 3*120°

Inside of the guider body lies a prism, this prism lets light pass through it to the primary camera sensor, as well as send starlight up to the guide camera. This ingenious design allows you to use the same star field that is being imaged as the one being using for guiding adjustments.